Aug 2016
Great Thailand Itinerary Ideas: 4 Plans for the Land of Smiles 😀

Whether you have a month or a week, planning a Thailand itinerary is no easy feat.

Age-old temples, pristine nature, and bustling night markets provide just a few of the many sights and sounds to experience.

So, where do you begin?

Right here.

We’ll show you four itineraries made with Inspirock’s free Thailand vacation planner, which eliminates planning stress and ensures you don’t miss any of the country’s amazing experiences.


Aug 2016
Rio de Janeiro Itinerary: 7 Days-Worth of Ideas

Planning a Rio de Janeiro itinerary can take the dedication and determination of an Olympian. After all, the city’s got myriad magnificent attractions to choose from, and information on them is scattered across the Web.

Time is precious, though. What you need is a little shortcut…

In this article, you’ll¬†discover some of the city’s best experiences. The following 7-day itinerary was created with¬†Inspirock’s¬†free new¬†Rio de Janeiro trip planner, which brings Usain Bolt-like speed to the planning process and improves your chances of having a gold-medal vacation.

Ready? Let’s go!


Jul 2016
USA Itinerary: 8 Plans for Exploring the Land of the Free

From developed beaches to dramatic mountains, vast deserts to sprawling metropolises, the USA offers visitors a chance to experience an incredibly diverse part of the world, rich in culture, musical heritage, history, and culinary traditions. But where should you start? What should you see? To help you experience¬†the best of America the Beautiful, we’ve compiled the top 8¬†itineraries designed to let you discover everything from spas to swamps, antebellum plantations to gigantic theme parks. You can print any of the following trips for your next vacation, and if you think we’ve missed a really great one, use the¬†free USA trip planner¬†from Inspirock to create it from scratch.


Jul 2016
Why Are Real Escape Rooms So Popular Among Travelers?
A look at how real escape rooms can give travelers a sense of local history and culture

For evidence of the popularity of real escape rooms among travelers, you only need to browse the TripAdvisor listings. In European cities like Budapest, one of the places where the pastime first took hold, real escape rooms are among the most-reviewed things to do.

So why are real escape rooms finding their way onto so many travel itineraries? After all, attempting to free yourself from a locked room doesn’t exactly sound like the most leisurely vacation activity…