Dec 2016
Brilliant Sunset Season: Western North Dakota Things to Do in Winter

This article is by the Dickinson Convention & Visitors Bureau. Their trip planner provides plenty of great ideas for things to do in Dickinson North Dakota.

Have you noticed the fall sunsets that are so much more intense than the rest of the year? It seems they explode with color, depth, and a limited glimpse. It brings a close to the bright, hot days of summer, replacing them with cooler, brown tones that suggest the upcoming winter season. Add the smell of cinnamon, and you have the nesting of a good book, and a cup of tea.

Local Talents

9711 – Stix ‘n’ Twigs Café

The season is upon us, and the local communities are beginning their social plays, choirs and art shows. I know that there are art cultural opportunities in the summer, but somehow they are different during the fall and winter. Because of the limited outdoor opportunities, no one is rushing off to the lakes, we all seem to gravitate to each other in exchanges of songs, book reads and wine. The talented local artists that participate in the Dickinson Chamber Craft Show, the Dickinson Christmas Stroll downtown, or the Annual Festival of Trees all create a community of sharing and neighborly exchange. Are we rushing the season away? Maybe. We all are busy, but it seems in the Midwest, we are comfortably slower than our urban counterparts. Comfortably tucked in for the winter season, but not hibernating of course.

Retail Therapy

1323 – Celebrations ‘n’ Crafts

Must be in the jeans. There aren’t very many women who don’t love to shop the fun, unique boutiques with friends. Normally, there isn’t a need for the products. These are wants. Admit it gals. A product need is the chain stores, the outlets, and being on a budget. These clothes, jewelry, artworks, and great food items are emotional transfusions. Of course they are well crafted, and worth their investment. Downtown shopping is being revitalized and Downtown Dickinson is no exception. Girlfriends make a list, and stop in Desiree’s Design, Miss Willow’s Nest, Loom, Faith Expressions, Antique Charm, Cobalt Closet, Celebrations ‘n’ Crafts, JP Frame Shop & Western Edge Gallery, Masterpiece Floral and Gifts, and Mainstream Boutique. The artistic, creative products make shopping an experience, not just a trip.

Foodies & More

1946 – The Brew

Just before the shopping, we ordered a hot latte at The Brew before our walk through the downtown area. And after visiting some of the boutiques that I just mentioned, time has flown by. Okay, now I’m getting hungry. Everyone else is also, so we have several choices, we can go back to The Brew, over to Stix’n Twigs café, or try a chicken waffle at Cup-Burrr’n. Even the Eagles Club has great lunches! It’s hard to decide, but we make a choice, and enjoy a great meal. We return to the sidewalk, strolling to the next shop, and laughing at the amount of items we have splurged on ourselves. We’re done yet, so how about something for the kids? Rattle and Roll Baby Boutique has the organic products that are great for baby and kids. I just found the baby shower gift that I needed, and as we left I also noticed that the new Greene Goods & Gifts has opened just around the corner. Our local ABLE Inc., has designed the store for the antique shopper by offering donated antique items for sale, benefitting local disabled individuals, and giving them employment opportunities. This makes us all feel good after we make a few more purchases and leave the store. And then after all of the shopping, the lunch, and more shopping, my girlfriends suggest relaxing with a martini at the BrickHouse Grille. Don’t ask me twice, I’m all in for it. And then, we just end up staying for an elegant dinner. Because we are worth it.

Nov 2016
101 of the Best Places to Visit in South America

You have limited time and you want to know the best places to visit in South America.

From all the startling landscapes, ornate colonial architecture, and remarkable ruins, how do you decide what to add to your itinerary?

To help you, we came up with this list of 101 of the continent’s best attractions.

Use the filters below to select specific countries and types of attractions that interest you. This way, you can focus on the places that best fit your plans.

Oct 2016
The Spookiest Spots for Halloween in North Dakota

This article is by North Dakota Tourism. If you like these Halloween activity ideas, add them to an itinerary you create using the North Dakota trip planner.

October in North Dakota can be a scary month. From haunted forts to haunted cornfields and libraries – that’s right – cornfields and libraries, there are many places to scare up a fun Halloween experience. Everybody knows ghosts haunt forts like Fort Lincoln and Fort Totten, but did you know that Ghostbusters isn’t the only place you can hear spooks in a library. The Harvey Library has a ghost called Sophie and something is said to roam the State Library in Bismarck calling out names and making noises. Try these places for a hauntingly fun time:

Haunted Fort

Photo by North Dakota Tourism

It’s been a long time since Libbie Custer saw George ride away from Fort Abraham Lincoln. He and the 7th Cavalry were supposed to be gone a few months but they got sidetracked and George never came home. It’s said that Libbie is hanging out in the Custer House waiting, and that buildings at the fort are haunted. That is indeed the case for three weekends in October (14-15, 21-22, 28-29) when the grounds come to life with ghouls and goblin at the Haunted Fort. You might even find George or Libbie.

Acres of Terror

Leonard. The name itself doesn’t strike much fear in a person. But bring down the lights, or the sun in this case, release things like ZiggyD Wolf, Striker and Scremit Da Klown (come on, clowns are scary anytime) and you have Acres of Terror. There might even be a tour of the old Leonard High School, no matter what Alice Cooper told you.

Legends of Terror Haunted House

Victorian England was scary enough. Now experience a Victorian funeral parlor and other equally frightening sites in Grand Forks.

Dark Acres

By day, it’s your standard pumpkin patch, hoping to attract the carved-out eyes of the Great Pumpkin. But by night, the patch in Williston is transformed into Cottonwood Forest where scary folks await at every turn. There’s the electrocution chamber, the butcher’s nightmare and (yikes) demented clowns and dolls.

Hanging out in the cemetery

Photo by North Dakota Tourism

Life at Fort Buford in the 1800s wasn’t easy and many troopers found themselves face up in the post cemetery. This October, you can find out more about those unfortunate souls by strolling through the grounds. The annual cemetery walk will include ghost tales and, who knows, maybe even a visit from a soldier or two.

Haunts at the library

There really is no reason to fear the State Library in the Liberty Memorial Building on the state Capitol Grounds. Go there, read, enjoy your time and leave before closing. After closing, voices and footsteps have been heard by those working late into the evening. Doors have been heard opening and closing when no one else was in the building.

Old forts never die

Fort Totten was once an important location guarding trails during the westward expansion. Today, guests can stay at the Totten Trail Historic Inn Bed and Breakfast and enjoy all of the amenities, including nighttime visits from some of the former ghosts – I mean – guests of the fort.

Sep 2016
25 Best Argentina Tourist Attractions

Designing an Argentina itinerary can be a daunting task. But, that’s only true if you overload on information.

To figure out what to see and do, start with the top Argentina tourist attractions listed below. Then use these ideas to create your own Argentina plan (you can skip ahead using the categories linked on the right).

Plan a trip to Argentina