Jun 2017
Switzerland Trip Planner: 5 Cities You Must Visit

A fascinating country, boasting four official languages and some of the prettiest train trips in the world, Switzerland has something for everyone. Among world-famous chocolate, watches, cheese, and army knives, you will find medieval architecture, mountains, and lakes, alongside contemporary centers.

Most Switzerland itineraries include world cities Zurich and Geneva. However, picturesque Switzerland is often found in smaller cities. With its modern and efficient train system, which lets you basically cross the country from Geneva to Zurich in less than three hours, it is rather easy to just pick a city (or two) as your base and explore most of the country through day trips.

Here are five cities to include in your Switzerland trip planner.


Jun 2017
June’s Featured Attractions and Activities

Schools out, time to travel!

Our featured attractions and activities for June definitely cater to families with kids. But they also deliver something for single backpackers, romantic couples, groups of friends–and pretty much everyone else.

The choices below include jeep tours and spas. Cooking classes and train rides. Stargazing and wine tasting. So you can make your holiday as busy or as laid-back as you want.

Start planning a trip right now, and consider adding one, or all, of these activities to your personalized itinerary.


Jun 2017
What Not to Miss on Your Next Trip to the Netherlands

The Netherlands is an amazing country to explore and there are so many cities and small towns to pick from! To make sure you sample the best of everything, here are some tips on what not to miss the next time you travel to this European country. I’ve put together a mix of big city attractions and smaller towns around Amsterdam, so there is something for everyone.

May 2017
Planning a trip to Williamsburg and Yorktown beyond the civil war history

You probably think of Williamsburg, Virginia is a destination for families that has two things to do: Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens theme park. Those things are still there and worth doing for families (or anyone who likes roller coasters), but there are plenty of other things to do, too that make this part of Virginia a worthwhile destination for couples or girlfriends looking for a different kind of getaway. Are you planning a trip to Williamsburg? Here are six things to try on a weekend (or longer): (more…)

May 2017
How to Plan a Perfect Weekend in Paris

Let me start by stating the obvious: a weekend in Paris is just not enough. Paris is a city that begs to be explored slowly, including plenty of time to get lost in the narrow streets of Saint-Germain-des-Près, discover small cafés, and people watch while sipping a perfect cup of coffee.

Unfortunately, time is not a luxury most travelers have. So if all the time you have to get to know the City of Love is a weekend, make sure to get the most out of it!