May 2018
May’s Featured Attractions and Activities

You’ll find a varied list of activities and attractions in our May post. Ideal options to stir the imagination for your spring break or summer holiday.

We’ve got family-friendly escape games and a historic cemetery. Plus, a non-profit using dolphins to educate kids about marine conservation. As well as a protected natural area sheltering endangered birds.

Make your next vacation as educational or as relaxing as you wish. Use our suggestions when planning a trip, and your custom itinerary can be a bit of both.


Apr 2018
April’s Featured Attractions and Activities

We’ve prepared a list of fun and exciting activities for the start of the new travel season.

Among the options below, you’ll find a medieval castle straight out of a book of fairytales. Plus, a modern spa using traditional methods, and an escape game to challenge your inner Sherlock Holmes.

Get in your travel groove by planning a trip using our suggestions. They’re a great starting point for a personalized plan tailored to your interests and travel style.


Mar 2018
March’s Featured Attractions and Activities

In March, we deliver a varied selection of attractions and activities to help you get you in the travel groove.

The list below includes a funky underground world full of weird rock formations. It also contains a wooden church that’ll transport you to another time and place. As well as a family-friendly escape game Hercule Poirot would surely endorse.

Start the spring season by planning a trip using our suggestions as the starting point. Give them a glance, then make a customized itinerary fit for your travel style.


Feb 2018
February’s Featured Attractions and Activities

This month, we give you one of our most eclectic selections of attractions and activities ever.

The below list includes a family-friendly river cruise, ski resort, and modern spa. Plus, a PADI school that uses yoga techniques to help you become a better diver. As well as a wildlife sanctuary where you can work as a volunteer or intern.

You can be as frivolous or as serious as you wish on vacation. Begin planning a trip using our suggestions, and let your tailor-made itinerary be a little bit of both.


Jan 2018
January’s Featured Attractions and Activities

If you’re planning to travel more in 2018, January’s suggested attractions and activities are guaranteed to improve your chances of sticking to those New Year’s resolutions.

Whether you’ve decided to spend more time on the beach or plan to learn a new skill, we’ve got an option to suit your resolution.

We aim to please with a list that includes everything from scuba diving operators to family-friendly activity centers. Plus a bar/theater, candle shop, and an art gallery that doubles as a sculpture garden.

Start your new year by planning a trip using our suggestions. Use them to jog your imagination, then make a personalized itinerary part of your first great adventure in 2018!