May 2017
May’s Featured Attractions and Activities

This month we bring you a selection of attractions and activities that include everything from a fun pinball museum, to donkey rides on the slopes of Mt. Etna. Deeply urban to truly rural, you might say.

The options listed bellow also include ocean adventure tours and desert treks, with plenty of chances to spot marine and land wildlife in places as diverse as Africa and Mexico. Start planning a trip to one of our featured destinations by adding one–or all–of these activities to your personalized itinerary.


Apr 2017
April’s Featured Attractions and Activities

Our featured attractions and activities for the month of April range from food tours with a ghostly twist in Veneto, to rock climbing schools in Thailand and thrilling plongee experiences in Guadeloupe.

The choices below also include cultural tours, shops, and galleries, so you can make your holiday as relaxing or as active as you wish. If you’re about to start planning a trip to any of our featured destinations, consider adding these activities and attractions to your custom-made itinerary.

Jul 2016
Why Are Real Escape Rooms So Popular Among Travelers?
A look at how real escape rooms can give travelers a sense of local history and culture

For evidence of the popularity of real escape rooms among travelers, you only need to browse the TripAdvisor listings. In European cities like Budapest, one of the places where the pastime first took hold, real escape rooms are among the most-reviewed things to do.

So why are real escape rooms finding their way onto so many travel itineraries? After all, attempting to free yourself from a locked room doesn’t exactly sound like the most leisurely vacation activity…


Feb 2016
5 Types of Walking Tour to Take on Your Next Trip

An old American Indian proverb says, “Don’t judge your neighbor until you have walked two moons in his moccasins.” Keep that in mind the next time you plan a trip: the best way to get to know a city’s heart and soul is by taking a walking tour of its literary traditions, cuisine, street art, and pub scene. And no, you don’t have to devote two moons to the endeavor, especially if you start by planning your tour using Inspirock’s free itinerary generator.