10 Reasons Plan a Poland Trip

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Poland? Some of you would say Lewandowski (famous football player), some John Paul II (the Pope), some vodka and some won’t even know where this country is. Even though it is located in the very heart of Europe, Poland is a little forgotten by tourists. It is not as famous as France, Germany or the UK. Why should you visit Poland then? Here are 10 reasons that will make you fall in love with this country.

#1 Friendly People

Polish people are straightforward and helpful. Even though they may be distanced at the beginning, you will become their best friend after a short conversation. They will do everything to make you feel comfortable in their homeland.

#2 Beautiful Nature

Poland is a perfect destination for nature lovers. The south of the country is mountainous and great for hiking. You can choose from the high mountains, like Tatra, or the gentle hills of Bieszczady. Northern Poland is located on the Baltic Sea which is great for swimming in the summer. The east is probably the most unspoiled part of the country. It’s the home of the famous European Bison which is the biggest mammal on the Old Continent. Western Poland, along the border with Germany and Czechia has many lovely cities to visit. The most charming are Poznan and Wroclaw.

#3 Amazing Culture

Due to its central location, Poland is a perfect mix of eastern and western European culture. Openness and a passion for parties is what Polish people have in common with Russia and Ukraine. Reliability and fast development makes Poland similar to Inner Six.

#4 Great Hiking Trails

There are over 50,000 km of hiking trails in Poland. Most of them are situated in the three main mountain ranges: Góry Świętokrzyskie, Sudety, and Karpaty. It’s impossible to write about all the trails but let’s mention the best of them. Morskie Oko located in the Tatra mountains has been recognized as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world by The Wall Street Journal.

#5 Low Prices

Poland is surprisingly cheap. You will pay $40 for a night in a nice 3-star hotel, $5 or less for dinner and $10 for a bus ticket from Warsaw to Krakow. The quality of Polish service is really high, so you won’t be disappointed by choosing this country as your next travel destination.

#6 Unique Places to Visit

Have you heard of the Crooked Forest? The weird shape of the trees that are growing there is still a mystery to scientists. The colorful village of Zalipie, beautiful castle of Lancut or the renaissance Old Town in Zamosc are all located in Poland. There are so many unique places to visit in this country that you won’t be able to see them all during a short stay. You can keep coming back to Poland and discover something new every time.

#7 Safe to Travel

The terror threat in Poland is one of the lowest in the world. It is as safe as Japan, Switzerland, Iceland and Ecuador.

The crime rate in Poland is similar to that of Germany and lower than in Australia, United Kingdom or Thailand.

#8 Delicious food

Polish food is famous all over the world. Everybody knows pierogi (dumplings) and delicious, crispy sourdough bread. The only risk of visiting Poland is… putting on weight! You won’t be able to get enough of obwarzanki (ring- shaped bread), paczki (donuts), bigos (sauerkraut stew), zurek (sour rye soup) and other Polish delicacies.

#9 Not Crowded

Compared to other European countries, Poland is not crowded. This country is still not popular among tourists, so hurry up! Visit Poland before everyone else will do it.

#10 Unforgettable Monuments

Let’s start with something sad- Poland is the place where the biggest concentration camp, Auschwitz, was located. More than 1 million people were killed in this small village located near Krakow. The capital of the country, Warsaw, was almost completely destroyed in World War II. Now, new and stronger, it is a vibrant city that attracts tourists from all over the world.

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