Jan 2020
January’s Featured Attractions and Activities.

If your 2020 resolutions include more trips–and more fun–our suggested attractions and activities can help materialize that decision.

Whether you wish to spend time with rare birds of pray, or you prefer to play escape games, we’ve got you covered. Our options also include snowmobile tours, e-bike excursions, wine journeys, and flying trips.

Start planning a trip  with some of our suggestions in mind. When they get your imagination going, use our trip planner to customize your first great adventure of the new year.


Jan 2020
Trending Destinations January 2020

If your New Year’s resolution is to travel more, below destinations can help you achieve that goal.

We had an increase in the number of plans created for these destinations recently. In the spirit of the season, we thought it only fair to share!

The list includes one of the world’s most modern cities. As well as probably one of the planet’s most ecologically diverse islands. So, you can spend you time enjoying urban amenities, or discovering your inner naturalist.

If you know someone planning a trip to one of these destinations, spread the cheer and share the post!