5 Perfect Cities to Plan a Trip to Germany

Germany is a wonderful country with a rich history and if you plan on visiting it soon, you will have a trip to remember! You can choose between big cities with famous landmarks (the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the European Central Bank in Frankfurt) or go for smaller cities, each with something special. The landscape is beautiful everywhere you go, so no matter what you fancy – beaches or mountains – Germany has a place for you. For a trip that will give you the chance to see as much as possible, here are five different cities to include on your plan a trip to Germany.


Heidelberg (Photo: Till Meinhof on Wikipedia)
Heidelberg (Photo: Till Meinhof on Wikipedia)

As a personal note, this was the first German city I visited. It is located relatively close to Frankfurt (easily accessible by car) and it is especially famous for the castle that can be admired here. With a long history, this castle is interesting and beautiful. A mix of styles from Gothic to Renaissance, the Heidelberg Castle offers a truly beautiful view over the city.

The Old Town is also wonderful – and you’ll easily find many cafes and restaurants along the alley leading to the castle along with souvenir shops and some with gorgeous cuckoo clocks shops.

Other must-sees include the beautiful churches, the Old Bridge, and the university. Heidelberg is a smaller city – but definitely worthy of being discovered.



Munich, Germany

Munich is Bavaria‘s capital and is famous worldwide for  Oktoberfest. The city is also home to numerous museums that will enchant you (The Deutsches Museum, The Neue Pinakothek and The Pinakothek der Moderne, and the BMW Museum – to name just a few), gorgeous churches (don’t miss the Church of St. Peter or the Cathedral Church of Our Lady), and amazing palaces and castles (Nymphenburg Palace, The Old Palace and the New Palace etc.).

Don’t miss Munich’s parks either. They are perfect ways to relax and they look wonderful, so your walks will be even more pleasant. You should see the English Garden, the Botanical Garden, and the Olympic Park.



Brandenburg Gate front
Brandenburg Gate front

Germany’s capital, Berlin is a splendid European city. If you can visit a single city in Germany, this should be it. If you are not familiar with its history, try to do some research before your travel here. In this manner, you will have a better understanding of what the fall of the Berlin Wall meant, you will see with different eyes Checkpoint Charlie and the graffiti in the area.

What will impress you about Berlin is that it is a city with many green spaces. If you have the chance, visit it from April to September, to see everything green or in autumn colors. But don’t think that during the winter you won’t be nicely surprised. You can enjoy this city all year long.

The Brandenburg Gate is a must see, as are The Reichstag, The German Chancellery with its interesting design, the Charlottenburg Palace, and Museum Island.



Nuremberg is a city that offers you the chance to visit something unique, if interested in this part of history: The Nazi Party Rally Grounds – Reichsparteigelande.

But there is so much more to do here! You can discover the Nuremberg Castle, see Albrecht Durer’s House, or visit some of the museums in the city – Nuremberg Toy Museum, German Railway Museum, and the City Museum at Fembo’s House, etc.

As many other German cities, Nuremberg is also home to beautiful places of worship. You will also discover many interesting fountains and monuments – some will take you by surprise! It is a great city to enjoy, and you will find something to love regardless of your preferences.



Stuttgart, Germany

If you are a fan of cars, then this is a city to visit as you will find the Mercedes-Benz Museum and the Porsche Museum here. The Palace Square, the New Castle, The Art Museum Stuttgart, the Ludwigsburg Palace (for children), the Teehaus, Weissenburg Park, the Rubble Hill, and the Weissenhofmuseum are only a few of the interesting attractions waiting to be discovered in Stuttgart.

Germany is an important European country. It has a long history and you can admire old architecture almost everywhere you go. Palaces and castles of different eras are present in many cities as well, while the green spaces – parks, gardens, etc. – are also easy to find across Germany.

I think that you will like any city you visit in this country. If you can plan a longer trip here and include several cities on your visit, then you will be lucky. Enjoy Germany!


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