April’s Featured Attractions and Activities

We’ve prepared a list of fun and exciting activities for the start of the new travel season.

Among the options below, you’ll find a medieval castle straight out of a book of fairytales. Plus, a modern spa using traditional methods, and an escape game to challenge your inner Sherlock Holmes.

Get in your travel groove by planning a trip using our suggestions. They’re a great starting point for a personalized plan tailored to your interests and travel style.

Hurghadareisen Day Tours

You can travel across Egypt with Hurghadareisen Day Tours. Cruises down the legendary Nile may be most popular, but they’re just one of the activities this operator offers.

Other options include diving, snorkeling, glass-bottom boat tours, and desert safaris.

Bharal Adventure

Bharal Adventure uses sustainable tourism practices in Nepal’s great outdoors.

Treks to the famed Everest Base Camp appeal to those looking for ways to test their endurance.

Others may prefer day tours in Pokhara, wildlife tours, family holidays, and relaxed hiking trips.

Puri Thai Massage

Make relaxation part of your regular routine at Puri Thai Massage.

In addition to hot stone therapy, you can enjoy foot rubs, facials, and sea salt exfoliation there.

The stylish setting is ideal for a special occasion or some much needed “me time.”

Wine Tour Amalfi Coast

Journey through Italian wine and food heritage with Wine Tour Amalfi Coast. You’ll eat and drink like a local, in addition to touring exciting destinations like Positano and Ravello.

Additional options include pizza workshops and mozzarella classes. Perfect for learning how to use traditional ingredients in modern ways.

Escape Hunt Auckland

You’ll find the world’s only rugby-themed escape room at Escape Hunt Auckland.

It’s an immersive and interactive activity, so you know your kids will enjoy it.

You can play with family for fun, or challenge friends to a competitive match. The activity also works well for teambuilding projects and parties.

Grand River Rafting Company

Like water activities? Then hit the water with Grand River Rafting Co and get your adrenaline pumping.

Choose from rafting, kayaking, tubing, fishing, and canoeing.

The operator also offers hiking for those who prefer to stay on dry land.

Intercambio Catracho

Intercambio Catracho lets you explore Honduras with tailored guide services and personalized transport.

Take advantage of a range of outdoor adventures, from ziplining to hiking. Or, choose a multi-day tour to get to know the real soul of Honduras through its history, culture, and cuisine.

Chateau du Moulin Conservatoire de la Fraise

A treasure hidden in a forest, Chateau du Moulin is a great example of medieval architecture.

You’ll se a photogenic moat and traditional slate roofs. Ideal set-up for a few memorable photos.

The castle is a great day trip idea for anyone wishing to learn about local history. It’s also rarely crowded, so you’ll have plenty of time and space to enjoy the atmosphere alone.

Extreme Israel

The Holy Land from the sky. That’s what Extreme Israel does best.

You’ll take a powered parachute flight to see the country from a new viewpoint. While you fly, your pilot will provide insightful commentary about the landscape below.

No prior flying experiences is needed. So you can enjoy the activity even if it’s your first time up in the air.

Bumper Ball – Bubble Football Krakow

Score with Bumper Ball, a great idea for a party or a special event.

Yes, the game requires players to get inside a large inflatable ball. Silly, maybe, but you’ll still be able to bend it like Beckham.

Indoor and outdoor playing fields are available, so bad weather won’t be able to spoil your fun.

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