April’s Featured Attractions and Activities

Our featured attractions and activities for the month of April range from food tours with a ghostly twist in Veneto, to rock climbing schools in Thailand and thrilling plongee experiences in Guadeloupe.

The choices below also include cultural tours, shops, and galleries, so you can make your holiday as relaxing or as active as you wish. If you’re about to start planning a trip to any of our featured destinations, consider adding these activities and attractions to your custom-made itinerary.

Food and Ghost Tour by Monica Cesarato

If you like eating your way through a new region, Food and Ghost Tour by Monica Cesarato might be just what the chef ordered.

This is a food tour with a ghoulish twist. As you explore the local osterie, your guide will regale you with ghost stories and anecdotes about Venetian history.

You’re guaranteed to see more than just the usual tourist sites. As well as eat hearty meals (with top-notch wine) and make lots of new friends.


The Irish House Party

Try this for size–a three-course dinner accompanied by great food and a range of beverages. That’s The Irish House Party in a nutshell.

The evening of music takes place in an 18th-century townhouse. You’ll meet local musicians and learn about Irish dance heritage. And, if the spirit moves you, perform a song–and jig–of your own.

The Lilly Pad Village

It’s all about family fun at The Lily Pad Village. Not only can you play mini golf and fish there, but you can also mine for gems like a 19th-century prospector.

The place sits in the middle of scenic mountain scenery. Ideal location for guided hikes, which you can take from the Village.

Bellagio Water Sports Kayak Club

Many visitors claim a tour with Bellagio Water Sports Kayak Club is the only way to see Lake Como. Why? Because the club offers guided experiences along five different but equally scenic routes.

You can also travel each route by stand up paddle boarding. So, it’s up to you how you want to get your exercise and sightsee.


PPK Plongee Guadeloupe

You can learn how to dive with PPK Plongee Guadeloupe. Or, if you’re already certified, explore the famed “Cousteau Reserve.”

The center offers lessons for everyone–literally. Even kids as young as 8 can learn here. Older divers can join wreck and night dives, great alternatives if you’re looking for a twist on the usual daytime experience.

Arco Benessere

Arco Benessere can help you regain your inner piece with a range of massages. The spa caters to travel-weary visitors with shiatsu and Ayurvedic treatments, as well as aromatherapy.

The place is run by friendly locals. Feel free to ask them about the best places to eat, drink, and shop in Milan. It’s the best way to steal a few insider tips from those in the know.

Real Rocks Climbing School, Rock Climbing Shop

If you’re outdoorsy and active, don’t miss Real Rocks Climbing School. The place offers safe experiences for adrenaline seekers of all ages and fitness levels.

You don’t have to be a pro to…well, climb like a pro. And with the school’s instructors, you’ll do just that.

Free hotel pickups/drop-offs will save you time. Quality climbing gear from top brands will ensure your safety. So you have no reason not to give this place a try.

Beyond Escapes

Beyond Escapes provides innovative day tours across Sri Lanka. What does that mean for you? Well, only that you can do everything from hot air ballooning to playing cricket.

Put it this way–if you can imagine it, this operator can make it come true. So dare to dream.

If you like immersive experiences in new cultures, consider a homestay vacation in a Sri Lankan village.

Parapendio in Tandem

Icarus wouldn’t have fallen if he flew with Parapendio in Tandem. Tandem paragliding flights with this operator come with the aid of pro pilots. They work hard so all you have to do is enjoy the view.

You’ll get a certificate of your flight, and, for an extra fee, HD video of the entire trip. So you can do more than just brag to friends back home.

Smile Tours Service

Efficiency, reliability, flexibility, and affordability. That’s what you’ll get from Smile Tours Service.

In addition to classic tours and multi-day trips, the company offers special excursions for students and deaf travelers.

If you need something special–and romantic–but don’t have a lot of time, take an overnight cruise on the World Heritage-listed Halong Bay.

Blu Infinito Diving Center

You can do more than polish your diving skills at Blu Infinito Diving Center. Operating off the northeastern coast of Sardinia–hugely appealing with its secret coves and white beaches–the center runs regular guided dives. Plus, a range of snorkeling trips off protected Tavolara Island.

You can also use the maintenance area to repair or refill your old tank.

Souvenirs of Rome – Religious Articles

When you visit St. Peter’s Basilica, you’ll have no excuse to skip Souvenirs of Rome. Near one of the world’s most famous churches, the shop offers all kinds of gifts and keepsakes.

Look for T-shirts, mugs, postcards, and other items with Roman themes and scenes.

The shop also carries a variety of religious objects, including crosses and photos of the Pope.

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