August’s Featured Attractions and Activities

This month our featured attractions range from a museum of witchcraft to a modern spa offering traditional treatments. In between those, we give you activities like cooking classes and guided cycling tours.

The options below also include professional tour agents. Companies versed in helping travelers discover destinations as diverse as Morocco and India. Operators that work hard so you can vacation with ease.

Summer’s almost over. So start planning a trip right now, and consider adding a few of our suggestions to your custom-made itinerary.

Ghum India Ghum

Ghum India Ghum helps you take the guesswork out of planning a vacation. The operator offers customized holiday packages and travel services. All based on a one-on-one relationship with you, the traveler.

Where can you go with these guys? How ’bout Jaipur, Agra, Rajasthan, and Jodhpur. Plus, the rest of north India and Nepal.

Options include Buddhist pilgrimage tours, desert excursions, and Golden Triangle Trips.

Next Step Thailand

The highly customizable tours by Next Step Thailand let you find the perfect balance between adventure and culture.

Multi-day trips with this operator include all kinds of fun activities. Like river tubing, bamboo rafting, and motorcycling.

Plus, the company is committed to socially responsible tourism. And eco-friendly tourist practices. So you know your next holiday makes a positive difference for the local community.

La Serviette Blanche

La Serviette Blanche lets you make great food the focus of your next vacation.

The operator specializes in yummy culinary activities. Like what, you ask? Like shopping at a local market and hands-on cooking classes and meals at the heart of Cannes.

Can it get better than that? Frankly, yes. You can also join a wine & cheese tasting in a private Provencal dining room.

Houseboat Holidays

With Houseboat Holidays, you get to enjoy a day on the water that’s nothing like the classic boat tour.

Why? Because you’re in charge here. You choose your own points of interest and itinerary suited to your schedule.

Take a bunch of friends on a fishing excursion. Plan a diving expedition with a loved one. Or, design a private tour of the Thousand Islands in the picturesque St. Lawrence River.

Paros Park

Great walks and great views. That’s Paros Park in five words or less.

This protected seaside area features a network of walking trails. As well as interesting rock formations, beaches, coves, and caves.

Modern amenities include an open-movie theater and a beach bar. Ideal for lazy evenings with kids. And memorable parties with friends.

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