May 2020
Travel the World With Time-Lapse Videos

You don’t need a passport or open borders to travel around the world. You can leave your home and journey across the globe, in perfect safety, with time-lapse videos.

Usually made by professional cinematographers, they often take months to plan and weeks to shoot. It will only take you a few minutes to watch–and be inspired to travel for real.

Search the web and you’ll find hundreds of amazing time-lapse clips. Here are a few of our favorites:


Apr 2020
Top 10 Travel Books for Journeys From Your Sofa

You may not be able to venture far right now, but you can travel as far as your imagination will take you with some of our top travel book suggestions.

From classics to humorous travelogues and light reads, all will take you on voyages to popular places and far-away corners often overlooked by ordinary tourists.

Here are our some of our favorites–presented in no particular order.


Apr 2020
No Crowds, No Queues: Armchair Travel With Slow TV

If you’re like millions around the world stuck inside, you’re probably tired of the “great” indoors and itching to get outside.

While we wait for normal travel to resume, armchair travel in the from of Slow TV provides a way to visit faraway places without leaving home.

Originally started in Norway in 2009, Slow TV has grown in popularity in recent weeks. It’s just the ticket for travelers unused to being stuck indoors.


Apr 2020
Showing Solidarity Around the World

As the world shrinks down for millions on lockdown, many around the world show their solidarity in a range of creative and touching ways.

Many cities around the world light up their public buildings and landmarks with flag colors of affected nations. It may be a small gesture, but it’s a heartfelt example of the world coming together over a common crisis.


Mar 2020
How to Plan a Virtual Trip on Inspirock

Yes, you can still keep traveling even at a time when social distancing and quarantine remain a top concern.

If you’re like millions of people around the world, you’re now stuck at home. Maybe you’re in self-quarantine. Maybe you just had to cancel to a family vacation or business trip.

Either way, chances are you’re bored and running out of things to do online.

But even stuck at home, you can still go on a satisfying journey. How? By integrating Inspirock’s Trip Planner with great virtual travel resources. Read on to learn more.