Sep 2019
September’s Featured Attractions and Activities

September’s here–yet another chance to pack your bags and experience the great outdoors. Or, the great indoors, if you prefer to stay cozy and comfy.

Our list for this month has lions, escape games, and dive schools. As well as vinyards and spas. Something for every taste.

Take a look at our list before planning a trip on our site. It’s a great starting point for a journey of a lifetime.


Aug 2019
August’s Featured Attractions and Activities

To prove summer doesn’t have to end in August, we came up with a brand new list of our favorite attractions and activities.

This time our selection includes a flight operator and an escape game. As well a pretty beach in Sicily and a cat-friendly cafe in Colombia.

It’s really up to you how you spend your final days of summer. We urge you to start planning a trip with our list in mind and have fun doing a range of exciting things.


Jul 2019
July’s Featured Attractions and Activities

For the hot middle of the summer, we deliver even hotter attractions and activities.

Options below include horseback riding lessons and virtual reality games, as well as balloon flights and water sports. Plus, other choices for tame or wild summer vacations.

Some like it hot. Some like it cool. However you prefer your summer, start planning a trip with our suggestions and make it a cocktail of both.


Jun 2019
June’s Featured Attractions and Activities

If you’re finally out of school or managed to get a few days off from work–well, it’s time to make some summer travel plans!

Our featured activities for June cater to families with kids. They also deliver something special for solo backpackers, couples, and groups of friends–as well as everyone else.

The choices include cool cave lookouts. Vineyards and souvenirs shops. Walking tours and kayaking adventures. Plus, other options for cultural sightseeing.

Start planning a trip without delay and consider adding one, two, three, or all our suggestions to your personalized itinerary.


May 2019
May’s Featured Attractions and Activities

The list in our May post includes eclectic activities to suit every traveler’s desire. They just may be ideal options to stir your imagination for a short spring break or longer summer holiday.

This time around, we give you a heritage railway in Africa and fishing pier in America. As well as a funky escape game–on a boat!–and a campground/homestead with historic buildings.

Make your next vacation relaxing and educational. Start with our suggestions when planning a trip, and build a tailored plan that can be a bit of both.