Dec 2015
5 Hotel Secrets You Should Know Before Your Next Trip

Visiting new places and discovering new cultures may be at the very top of your bucket list, but if your choice of accommodations doesn’t satisfy your expectations, the entire experience could leave you a little underwhelmed. Plan your next trip with the following hotel secrets in mind to enjoy a stress-free vacation and have more time to dine, shop, sightsee, and soak up the local atmosphere.


Nov 2015
How to Travel with Kids
(And Not Get on Their Nerves...)

Traveling to new places can be daunting enough for adults. Add children to that equation, and you have a whole new ballgame. With just a little advance planning, however, you can travel with kids without losing your sanity. Keep the following tips in mind for your next family vacation.


Nov 2015
How to Travel Alone
(And Have the Time of Your Life)

Many people come back from their first solo trip to describe the experience as something akin to spiritual awakening. When you travel alone, you have a rare chance to experience the places and people you encounter in your own way, unfiltered by others’ prejudices or expectations. Be your own travel companion and prepare to take an eye-opening journey—you may just learn a few things about yourself along the way.


Oct 2015
How to Travel Norway on a Budget
These Tips Will Help You Afford a Trip to One of the World's Most Expensive Countries

Discussions of Norway’s immense beauty are almost always followed by lamentations of its costliness. However, a trip to Norway doesn’t have to break the bank. Follow the tips below to explore one the world’s most expensive countries on a budget.


Sep 2015
Traveling to Europe During the Refugee Crisis?
Here's How to Follow the Situation

Syrian Refugees in Vienna by: Josh Zakary (CC)
Syrian Refugees in Vienna by: Josh Zakary (CC)

European countries have recently introduced new border and transportation controls as they grapple with the massive number of refugee arrivals. As a result, a few travel routes between and within countries have become restricted. However, due to constant changes in policy and enforcement, current disruptions and delays in one locale may be resolved by next week, while new disruptions and delays may occur elsewhere.

At the time of writing, travel restrictions were in place in a limited number of European destinations. If you’re planning a trip to Europe over the next few months, there are a few recent policy changes to be aware of and a couple of resources to turn to for the latest information on travel disruptions and delays.