Croatia Itinerary Ideas

Superbly located in the middle of Europe, Croatia is an ideal choice for tourists looking to experience the Old Continent for the very first time, as well as those seeking a few hidden corners missed on previous travels. With mountains, rivers, lakes, historic cities, and a lengthy Adriatic coastline of pretty beaches and hundreds of little islands, the country allows you to ski, sail, hike, bike, and hop from one museum to the next easily, quickly, and affordably. Ready to go? Use the suggested itineraries for inspiration, or create your own signature experience with Inspirock’s free Croatia trip planner.

The Best of Croatia Itinerary

Plitvice Lakes National Park by: Dennis Jarvis (CC)
Plitvice Lakes National Park by: Dennis Jarvis (CC)

This itinerary is the Grand Tour of Croatia, a two-week experience that lets you see the best of its history-steeped cities, pristine national parks, and charming Adriatic locations. You’ll most likely start in Zagreb, one of Europe’s understated capitals with an appealing cafe culture and a good selection of cultural attractions—theaters, museums, and art galleries top most city tours. From there, you can go practically anywhere, as the city offers outstanding links to every corner of the country, and beyond. Think Bosnia, Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary…all easily accessible from Zagreb.

If you follow the crowds out of the capital, you’ll most likely head south to the sea. By all means, do that, but make sure to stop at Plitvice Lakes National Park, a World Heritage Site that’ll simply leave you breathless with its unspoiled natural beauty.

Get inspired for your vacation by browsing this 2-week Croatia itinerary:

A Foodie’s Croatia Itinerary

Ston, Croatia by: Maman Voyage (CC)
Ston, Croatia by: Maman Voyage (CC)

Didn’t know Croatia is a foodie’s paradise? Well, it is, and here’s your chance to find out why. If you have the time, you can stretch this itinerary to two weeks, though even ten days will be sufficient to discover to the country’s many culinary delights. Where to start? Well, Zagreb may be the obvious choice again—it’s full of fine eateries serving both discerning local population and the large contingent of foreign diplomats, executives, and students living there. If, however, you prefer rustic settings and unpretentious fare on your plate, go for Baranja, the fertile eastern region where the locals work hard and eat well, really well! One signature Baranja dish: a spicy fish stew that’ll warm your heart and set your mouth on fire.

If you’d rather discover Croatia’s take on Mediterranean seafood, then Istria is the place for you. Considered Croatia’s answer to Tuscany, this peninsula serves up some superb wines, olive oils, and truffles—all of which frequently feature in the regional fish and pasta dishes.

Planning to eat your way through Europe? Start with this Croatia itinerary:

The Island-Hopping Croatia Itinerary

Hvar by: Ramon (CC)
Hvar by: Ramon (CC)

Here’s something really impressive about Croatia: it boasts over a thousand islands, each with its own character and array of attractions. Want to be lost on a secluded island for a week? Go to Croatia. Want a crowd-free, hassle-free, car-free island vacation with your family and friends? Go to Croatia. Want to party like it’s 1999? Yes, you guessed it, go to Croatia.

The amazing diversity of Croatia’s many islands ensures a suitable destination for every type of tourist, from the party animal traveling solo, to the young family with little kids. On Rab, you can spend your days building sand castles and working your way down that must-read-before-I-die book list. On Hvar, you’ll have a chance to shop, dine, and explore one of the oldest towns in Europe, a World Heritage Site settled by Greeks well over 2,000 years ago. And if you choose Vis, you can do all of the above on an tiny island that boasts not only unspoiled natural scenery but also a thriving restaurant culture—hello, foodies, don’t forget to add this one to your trip!

Don’t like Rab, Hvar, or Vis? No problem—look for other islands on this Croatia itinerary:

Something for Everyone

You’ve probably heard a hundred other destinations described as offering “something for everyone.” Here’s the thing about Croatia: it really does! Don’t believe me? Don’t have to—go see for yourself. If the suggested itineraries don’t rock your boat, use Inspriock’s free Croatia trip generator to create your very own unforgettable experience.

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