France Itinerary Ideas

If I say France, what comes to your mind first? Maybe great wine, rich history, memorable cities, and swanky coastal resorts that cater to some of the world’s wealthiest vacationers (and their super-yachts). So, how will you choose where to go? To help you get going with your vacation plans, we’ve compiled four itineraries designed to take you to some of the country’s top destinations. All are ideal for first-time visitors, as well as those returning for yet another French adventure. If you prefer to start from scratch, use Inspirock’s free France trip planner and create your very own unforgettable experience.

The Whirlwind France Itinerary

Paris night by: Javier Vieras (CC)
Paris night by: Javier Vieras (CC)

Feel free to call this one “Le Grand Tour,” because that’s exactly what it is. You’ll start in Paris, of course, the romantic City of Light that lends itself to any type of itinerary. Paris is one of the world’s top tourist destinations, receiving over 20 million annual visitors—expect big crowds and, in the wake of recent events, strict security measures that are likely to slow your sightseeing down.

This 3-week France itinerary will take you up, down, and around the country, from the hugely appealing capital to the equally rewarding Normandy and Loire. As you explore this ancient land of modern cities, you’ll visit a sobering World War I monument at Verdun, and a walled town that inspired the castle in Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty” at Carcassonne.

Get inspired for your grand tour by browsing this 3-week France itinerary:

The Wine Lover’s France Itinerary

Epernay by: Pug Girl (CC)
Epernay by: Pug Girl (CC)

Some people plan their entire vacation in France around notable wineries, using this viticultural adventure to learn about fine wines and tasty dishes that go with them. You don’t have to be a wine fanatic to embark on this 2-week itinerary—but by the end of it, you may very well have turned into a genuine oenologist. You’ll begin in Bordeaux, considered by many the world’s wine capital. From there, you can visit a series of regions known for producing world-class red, white, sparkling, and rosé wines. Speaking of sparkling, make sure your travels lead to Epernay, the capital of champagne. Some of the world’s top bubbly brands come from this little town, including Moët & Chandon. Bottoms up!

Fine wine and more—much more!—on this 2-week France itinerary:

The Landscapes of France Itinerary

Provence by: Francois Philipp (CC)
Provence by: Francois Philipp (CC)

Travelers don’t come to France just for the fine wine and world-class museums—many visit to discover the country’s picturesque landscapes, which include tall mountains, iconic rivers, deep lakes, and a well-developed Mediterranean coastline. This itinerary takes 10 days, so it’s perfect for tourists who don’t have three whole weeks to dedicate to travel. While you could spend an entire lifetime discovering everything the country offers, this relatively short trip takes you to many of its key regions. If you begin in Paris, you can wind your way south to those fragrant lavender fields of Provence, which inspired masterpieces by both Cézanne and Van Gogh. Go east to discover the picture-perfect French Alps, perhaps best viewed from a train pulled by an old-fashioned, turn-of-the-century locomotive.

Look for more landscapes to discover on this 10-day France itinerary:

The Cote D’Azure France Itinerary

French Riviera by: Paul Rysz (CC)
French Riviera by: Paul Rysz (CC)

If you’ve got no more than a week to spend in France, think about heading straight for the French Riviera, that azure Mediterranean coastline of super-expensive resorts and tiny hillside villages of glassblowers and pottery makers. Offering almost 300 days of undisturbed sunshine, Nice makes an ideal base for exploring this coastal area—it’s also quite affordable for this part of the country. Prefer to party like a celebrity? Go to Saint-Tropez, the chicest of chic French resorts, made famous by actress Brigitte Bardot in the 1950s. In Bardot’s day, the town was little more than a sleepy fishing community; today, it draws the world’s millionaires, who prefer to vacation on their luxurious super-yachts.

More sun, sand, and yes, super-yachts, on this 7-day France itinerary:

La Belle France

With such a range of destinations suitable for every type of traveler, France is a country tailor-made for vacations. Regardless of how much time you have to spend there, you can easily create an itinerary that’ll take you to all the places you wish to experience. If none of the above trips fit into your schedule, use our free France trip generator to create a personalized adventure in one of the most culturally rich and geographically diverse countries in Europe.

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