How to Plan a Virtual Trip on Inspirock

Yes, you can still keep traveling even at a time when social distancing and quarantine remain a top concern.

If you’re like millions of people around the world, you’re now stuck at home. Maybe you’re in self-quarantine. Maybe you just had to cancel to a family vacation or business trip.

Either way, chances are you’re bored and running out of things to do online.

But even stuck at home, you can still go on a satisfying journey. How? By integrating Inspirock’s Trip Planner with great virtual travel resources. Read on to learn more.

Google Street View of Attractions

Say you always wanted to go to Greece. Seems like it might to be a long time before you do, right? Actually, you can be a virtual traveler to Greece right from your couch. And, right now!

Inspirock makes it easy to plan a real (or virtual) trip. And Google Street View makes it possible to see your destination without having to leave the safety of your home.

Build a plan on Inspirock and go to the Maps view of the Day by Day:

Make a plan, then go to the Maps view of Day by Day

From there, you can drop the GSV icon (Pegman) on any attraction within your plan:

Find the yellow figure-Pegman!-and drop him over any attraction

And presto! You’re in Delphi, visiting on a sunny day!

Here’s your Google view of Delphi

Zoom in to see details you would definitely miss if you were there for real. Or zoom out to see the place in context of the surrounding landscape.

Virtual Tours of Attractions

Though closed for visitors, many museums offer insightful virtual tours of their exhibits. Another great way to explore without actually being there!

A virtual/video tour with loads of insightful details

In the Calendar view of your plan, you can add a link to a virtual tour of Delphi to the relevant travel block:

Go to the Calendar view to edit individual travel blocks

It’s a good way to remember where you’ve been–virtually for now, of course.

Add a link to a relevant site, or notes to keep in mind for later

Web Cams of Attractions

You can also see what popular outdoor attractions–like the Acropolis–look like in real time by checking out live web cams:

A live view of the Acropolis

Don’t forget to add that link to the appropriate travel block as well:

Where do you want to go once travel resumes? Using the tips above, you can start dreaming of your next trip. And don’t forget to save your plan for later reference, when actual travel resumes!

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