Italy Itinerary Ideas

It may seem relatively small on a map, but Italy is a giant in terms of cultural and natural tourist attractions. It would take a lifetime to truly get to know the heart and soul of this complex, diverse destination, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fit plenty into a shorter vacation. To make the most of your three weeks (or less), use Inspirock’s free Italy trip planner—and let the sample itineraries below start the wheels turning.

The Food & Wine Italy Itinerary

Italian cuisine by: Kazuhisa Togo (CC)
Italian cuisine by: Kazuhisa Togo (CC)

There’s no shame in taking a trip to Italy solely for a chance to try its famous cuisine and explore its picturesque vineyards. Sure, you can always go to an Italian restaurant in your hometown (and unless you live under a rock, literally, your hometown has one), but that doesn’t compare to a true foodie tour across the country’s different regions. Just a few of the things you can do on a 10-day food and wine tour of Italy: learn how to make real pizza in its birthplace Naples; pick rare white truffles and learn how to pair them with outstanding local wine in Alba; or perfect your baking skills in Genoa, home of pesto and focaccia.

To do even more, check out this 10-day Italy itinerary:

The Art & History Italy Itinerary

Sistine Chapel by Colin Tsoi (CC)
Sistine Chapel by: Colin Tsoi (CC)

Spending the better part of your vacation indoors may not sound like a fantastic idea, but with Italy’s exceptional cultural heritage, you might find yourself devoting a surprising amount of time touring museums, galleries, and historical buildings. Of course, you have to start in Rome, where you can see some of the world’s finest works of art displayed in spaces that were actually designed for them. But don’t give in to the temptation to spend your entire holiday in Rome: remember other cities packed with artistic and historical treasures, like FlorenceAssisi, Padua, and Venice.

Look for more art, history, and architecture on this 2-week Italy itinerary:

The “Under the Tuscan Sun” Italy Itinerary

Tuscan landscape by: Eric Huybrechts
Tuscan landscape by: Eric Huybrechts (CC)

Don’t think buying a house in Italy or running your own winery there works with your current lifestyle? Then how about this—take a week off work and spend it exploring classic Tuscan destinations. Start in Florence, the breathtaking birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, and end your tour in pretty Montepulciano, located in the heart of Tuscany and known worldwide for its production of red Vino Noble.

More Tuscan sun awaits on this Italy itinerary:

The Sun & Sand Italy Itinerary

Cinque Terre by: katiedee47 (CC)
Cinque Terre by: katiedee47 (CC)

Here’s another idea for spending a week in Italy: skip the vineyards, historical town centers, archaeological sites, and renowned museums, and head straight for the beach! Where? In a country that offers 7,600 km (4,720 mi) of coastline, you shouldn’t have any trouble picking a perfect spot. To explore the country’s slightly lesser known Adriatic coast, consider basing your trip in Rimini or Riccione—both offer affordable accommodations at Hostel Jammin’. Alternatively, go to Cinque Terre, an area of five charming towns on the Ligurian coast.

Fine more perfect beach towns on this Italy itinerary:

The “Best of” 3-Week Italy Itinerary

Colloseum by: Steffen Dubois (CC)
Colloseum by: Steffen Dubois (CC)

This is really the perfect itinerary for seeing the best of what Italy has to offer relatively quickly. From big-deal urban destinations like Rome and Venice, to the idyllic Amalfi Coast and history-soaked Pompeii, this 3-week trip lets you discover just about everything that makes Italy such a special place. It’s the experience that combines museum tours with gondola rides, and shopping sprees with leisurely picnics near ancient Greek and Roman sites.

Make your own schedule by using this comprehensive Italy itinerary as inspiration:

A Taste of “La Dolce Vita”

If you have an insatiable taste for “la dolce vita,” there’s no place like Italy and no time like the present—pack your bags, print out your itinerary, and spend as much time as you can exploring the Boot. Begin your experience by using Inspirock’s free Italy trip planner, and create a vacation tailor-made for your budget, interests, and time constraints.

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