New on Inspirock: Itinerary Planning for North and South America

Attention all you globetrotters out there: Inspirock has now added North and South America to its roster of destinations, expanding its itinerary planning coverage to include the Western Hemisphere. What does this mean for you? You can now plan a trip to over 16,000 worldwide destinations using our free itinerary generator, designed to let you create personalized experiences wherever, whenever, and however you prefer to travel.

Go West, Intrepid Traveler!

El Castillo, Chichén Itzá by: Paul Simpson (CC)
El Castillo, Chichén Itzá by: Paul Simpson (CC)

Why go West, you might be asking. After all, Paris, Rome, and London are in Europe, and everyone deserves to take a Grand Tour of the Old Continent at least once. By all means, head to Europe the first chance you get (if you’re not there already, of course), but don’t forget the amazing destinations on the other side of the Atlantic. What can you see and do there? Well, you can drive, hike, or paddle your way through the astounding Grand Canyon, millions of years old and home to over 300 different bird species. Or, you can decipher the secrets of Chichen Itza, a World Heritage Site encompassing the well-preserved ruins of one of the largest Mayan cities in Mexico.

If you prefer to plan trips based on wider areas rather than single attractions, consider a weeklong city stay in Vancouver, located in a scenic spot where the Pacific Ocean meets the snowy North Shore Mountains. You can also spend a month exploring Brazil, a country of staggeringly large cities and vast expanses of unspoiled wilderness. And for that ultimate in travel experiences, you could create a whirlwind multi-country trip that takes you to destinations like Uruguay, Peru, Chile, and, finally, Argentina’s incredible Tierra del Fuego.

The World at Your Fingertips

Travel by: fdecomite (CC)
Travel by: fdecomite (CC)

With reputable tourist agencies on every corner of every major city, you might be wondering why you’d ever use Inspirock to plan your next vacation. The answer may surprise you with its simplicity—Inspirock places a powerful planning tool in your hands, allowing you to dream up and execute customized journeys that’ll take you as far away as you wish to go from your cozy living room. Emulate Marco Polo and travel to a distant corner of the world as different from your familiar stomping grounds as Mars. Or, if you prefer to stay nearer home base, plan a weekend staycation just a short jaunt from your door. Wherever you go, you can bet on one thing: traveling will expand your horizons and allow you to see the world from a fresh perspective.

Can’t wait to set off? Here’s a list of countries newly added to Inspirock’s trip generator. Get inspired to see the planet!

Argentina trip planner

Brazil trip planner

Peru trip planner

Chile trip planner

Colombia trip planner

Uruguay trip planner

Ecuador trip planner

Bolivia trip planner

Venezuela trip planner

Costa Rica trip planner

Belize trip planner

Panama trip planner

Guatemala trip planner

Nicaragua trip planner

Honduras trip planner

El Salvador trip planner

Cuba trip planner

Suriname trip planner

Guyana trip planner

Canada trip planner

United States trip planner

Mexico trip planner

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