March’s Featured Attractions and Activities

This fine spring month, we serve up a selection of attractions and activities to help you get those travel plans off the ground.

The eclectic list below includes a virtual reality experience and a rafting club. As well as a winery offering tasting sessions and a fitness training camp.

It’s time to start the spring season by planning a trip to some exciting world destination. Use our suggestions to begin planning, than tweak and tailor an itinerary to suit your very own personal travel style.


Mankwe GAMETRACKERS offers bush walks, game drives, as well as hot air balloon safaris.

Also offered, archery, rope adventure courses, quad biking, teambuilding activities, and more ensure everyone finds something to their taste.

The operator specializes in individual service, with capacity to provide activities for big groups of up to 600 participants.

VR project – virtual reality center

VR project lets you experience cyber magic thanks to advanced technology straight out of science fiction.

New and best VR hardware available allows visitors to explore the depths of the ocean, the orbit of the Earth, as well as the inside of the human mind.

At the center, you can experience the unforgettable at one of the carefully designed VR stations equipped with HTC VIVE and OCULUS RIFT devices.

Farm Fun

A family-owned petting zoo, Farm Fun offers adventure playgrounds to challenge and develop physical skills.

An ideal place for animal lovers, it’s also an all-weather venue with covered areas to use during rainy times.

Bodega J. Miquel Jane

Bodega J. Miquel Jane produces well-balanced wines, each with a personality affected by the region’s microclimate and soil.

Visitors can participate in tastings as well as discover the winemaking process. Check the website for details about available activities.

JAK Water Sports and Rental

Family owned, JAK Water Sports helps visitors experience the natural environment of Vieques.

The operator provides paddleboard, kayak, and motorboat snorkeling tours. They also offer rented gear for intrepid adventurers.

Call in advance to find out more about adventure tour schedules and rates.

Rwanda travel LLC

With Rwanda travel LLC, you’ll enjoy a personalized itinerary that suites your needs.

You can take packages depending on your schedule, discovering the country in just a few days or taking longer to see and do more.

The operator also offers day trips, which may work best for visitors with limited time.

Combat 360X Muay Thai and MMA

Work on your strength and conditioning at Combat 360X Muay Thai and MMA, a fitness training camp.

The camp welcomes beginners, intermediate, as well as advanced students.

Choose from a variety of classes, including mixed martial arts, boxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, cross training, yoga, cardio kickboxing, as well as muay thai.

Central Coast Sailing and Avila Beach Whale Watching

A family-run business, Central Coast Sailing offers powerboat and sailing trips on the waters of San Luis Obispo Bay.

You can join any tour to experience the wildlife and see the local beauty with family and friends.

The company’s boats work well for small groups. You can also contact the operator for custom tours, available even during the winter months.

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