May’s Featured Attractions and Activities

You’ll find a varied list of activities and attractions in our May post. Ideal options to stir the imagination for your spring break or summer holiday.

We’ve got family-friendly escape games and a historic cemetery. Plus, a non-profit using dolphins to educate kids about marine conservation. As well as a protected natural area sheltering endangered birds.

Make your next vacation as educational or as relaxing as you wish. Use our suggestions when planning a trip, and your custom itinerary can be a bit of both.

Island Dolphin Care

A non-profit, Island Dolphin Care helps children with special needs enjoy a range of activities. It’s all about playing, giggling, and having fun.

The dolphin-assisted programs teach kids and parents to value and respect marine animals and their natural habitats.

To help this worthwhile project, make a donation or consider an internship.

Escape Denmark

Play against time at Escape Demark, offering three different themes.

The escape game is ideal for families, friends, and coworkers. Plus, anyone else looking for some challenging and brainy fun.

It’s a great venue for a party, so consider it for your next birthday or family reunion.

Marrakech Travel Big Smile

With Marrakech Travel Big Smile, you’ll have a chance to experience Morocco’s epic outdoors.

This Berber-American operator specializes in private, customizable trips across the country. So you can enjoy a desert trek, explore the coastline, or visit imperial cities like Fes and Casablanca.

For those with special interests, the company also offers tailored itineraries made to fit individual needs.

National Eagle Center

You’ll connect with nature at National Eagle Center, a non-profit with interactive exhibits.

In addition to watching wild eagles, you can also catch classroom programs there. As well as learn about eagle behavior, biology, and history with expert naturalists.

Bonaventure Cemetery Journeys w/ Shannon Scott

Bonaventure Cemetery Journeys let you see the final resting places of poets, actors, industrialists, and other major figures.

Exploring with Shannon, you’ll hear anecdotes and learn about the cemetery’s “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” connection.

Shannon offers morning and afternoon tours, so you’ll easily fit this visit into your schedule.

HorsePlay Niagara

Ride into the sunset with HorsePlay Niagara, offering short rides and romance packages.

With friendly and trained horses, this activity remains ideal for first-timers and advanced riders.

For another ultimate Canadian outdoor experience, you can ride along the Trans-Canada Trail.

Mindgame Escape

Bring your detective skills to Mindgame Escape, a challenging yet fun way to while away some time.

In addition to a Sherlock Holmes-inspired room, the venue includes one ideal for Harry Houdini fans.

Because it’s designed for small groups, this game works well for families and friends celebrating a special event.

Oasi dei Quadris

You’ll see many different birds at Oasi dei Quadris, a heaven for nature lovers.

The protected area shelters many avian and mammal species.

Especially relevant, it houses dozens of hermit ibises and white storks, endangered bird varieties.

Backwater Cat Adventure

Backwater Cat Adventure ensures chances to spot sea turtles, dolphins, wild horses, and many other local animals.

It also includes a stop at a scenic beach ideal for shelling. As well as a 19th-century fort–perfect for history buffs!

Glen Valley Stables

First-timers and seasoned riders will find Glen Valley Stables an ideal day trip option from Vancouver.

Just a 45-minute drive from the city, you can ride in a small group. Trails snake their way through forests and fields.

In addition to fresh air, you’ll enjoy loads of great views and photo opps.

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