Aug 2019
August’s Featured Attractions and Activities

To prove summer doesn’t have to end in August, we came up with a brand new list of our favorite attractions and activities.

This time our selection includes a flight operator and an escape game. As well a pretty beach in Sicily and a cat-friendly cafe in Colombia.

It’s really up to you how you spend your final days of summer. We urge you to start planning a trip with our list in mind and have fun doing a range of exciting things.


Jul 2019
July’s Featured Attractions and Activities

For the hot middle of the summer, we deliver even hotter attractions and activities.

Options below include horseback riding lessons and virtual reality games, as well as balloon flights and water sports. Plus, other choices for tame or wild summer vacations.

Some like it hot. Some like it cool. However you prefer your summer, start planning a trip with our suggestions and make it a cocktail of both.


Jun 2019
June’s Featured Attractions and Activities

If you’re finally out of school or managed to get a few days off from work–well, it’s time to make some summer travel plans!

Our featured activities for June cater to families with kids. They also deliver something special for solo backpackers, couples, and groups of friends–as well as everyone else.

The choices include cool cave lookouts. Vineyards and souvenirs shops. Walking tours and kayaking adventures. Plus, other options for cultural sightseeing.

Start planning a trip without delay and consider adding one, two, three, or all our suggestions to your personalized itinerary.


May 2019
May’s Featured Attractions and Activities

The list in our May post includes eclectic activities to suit every traveler’s desire. They just may be ideal options to stir your imagination for a short spring break or longer summer holiday.

This time around, we give you a heritage railway in Africa and fishing pier in America. As well as a funky escape game–on a boat!–and a campground/homestead with historic buildings.

Make your next vacation relaxing and educational. Start with our suggestions when planning a trip, and build a tailored plan that can be a bit of both.


Apr 2019
April’s Featured Attractions and Activities

To help get you in the right travel-planning mindset for the spring and summer, we’ve prepared a new list of attractions and activities.

The below options include a historic theater and paddleboarding lessons. As well as diving courses and a souvenir shop that sells souvenirs that “don’t suck.”

Get in the right groove by planning a trip with our suggestions. They work as a great starting point for a personalized plan you can later tailor to your travel style, budget, and needs.

Coastal Trip Tourism

Coastal Trip Tourism allows you to discover Oman with an insider.

The operator provides airport transfers, as well as car rentals, hotel bookings, camping tours, and package itineraries.

You can choose from city tours, dolphin watching trips, cruises, trekking or hiking, and other options. There are also multi-day tours and shorter trips for those with limited time.

Dive Hurghada

With Dive Hurghada, take daily PADI diving courses for a range of levels and age groups.

The operator also runs liveaboard and snorkeling experiences.

Visitors can try diving for the very first time by signing up for an introductory course, as well as up the ante and upgrade their existing certificate with an advanced course.

Seneca Queen Theatre

Seneca Queen Theatre once hosted Canada’s premiere of Marilyn Monroe’s movie “Niagara.”

Today, the theater offers over three hundred comfortable seats with loads of legroom and a great view of the stage.

The venue hosts both live entertainment and movies, and remains available for private rentals

Sail Stars & Stripes USA

Sail Stars & Stripes USA-1 offers private or public trips on a 1992 America’s Cup racing yacht.

Take the helm or just hang on as this high-performance yacht takes you around San Diego Bay.

You can bring your own camera to capture the experience, as well as let one of the crewmembers take complimentary photos and/or videos.

Tours Voir Quebec

Tours Voir Quebec runs cultural walking tours of the old city.

Also available, food tours ensure a chance to discover the city’s culinary heritage, explore artisanal shops, visit various stores, and restaurants.

Paddle Board Rotorua

Specialized in paddle boarding tours, Paddle Board Rotorua offers tours for all skill levels.

You can go on a sunset tour, as well as a cave filled with glowworms.

This activity is ideal for families, as well as nature lovers with little experience. The kayaks are stable and easy to handle, and the guides experts at providing a safe experience.

Simba Paka Safaris

With Simba Paka Safaris, enjoy city tours, honeymoon packages, wildlife tours, mountain trekking, beach holidays, as well as tailored safaris.

Multi-day trips work well for those interested in a comprehensive experience.

If you are pressed for time or have a smaller budget, go for a full-day tour in places like the city of Nairobi.

Santorini Sea Kayak – Day Tours

Explore the Cyclades Islands with Santorini Sea Kayak, offering tours for all ages and skill levels.

Learn to kayak on an introductory tour, or join a more experienced group for a longer trip to some of Santorini’s secluded beaches.

If you opt for a paddling lesson, your will get some exercise as well as learn about the rich marine life of the southern Aegean Sea.


Sailing trips with Elbsegelei let you enjoy Elba on a half-day, full-day, or sunset trip.

The operator runs trips for those with no sailing experiences with a professional skipper.

Tours work well for private parties, team events, incentives, and more.

Souvenirs That Don’t Suck

Souvenirs That Don’t Suck offers alternative goods to style-oriented people.

The shop uses upcycled materials and is environmentally friendly.

The designers live in Malta and use goods produced locally, when possible, or within other countries of the EU, keeping logistics short and eco-friendly.