Plan Your Perfect Romania City Break: Bucharest and Beyond

Planning a Romania City Break?

Romania is a country that surprises all its visitors in a good way. Famous worldwide for Bran Castle (known as Dracula’s castle due to Bram Stoker’s novel), for the Palace of Parliament (the biggest civilian building in the world), for the Merry Cemetery in Sapanta, beautiful Transylvania, lovely Moldavian monasteries – and the list could go on and on. Romania is a perfect destination in Europe.

There are many wonderful cities in the country, some perfect for winter activities, some for summer relaxation, and others a great idea year-round. Listed below are the best cities in the country – a few grouped by area – to help you plan the perfect city break in Romania.

Parliament Building in Bucharest (Photo source)


Romania’s capital has a plethora of attractions, so you won’t be bored on a city break here. From the Spring Palace (the official residence of Nicolae Ceausescu) to the splendid Village Museum, from the beautiful parks (Herastrau, Cismigiu Gardens, Al.I. Cuza, etc.) to a vibrant nightlife, Bucharest has it all.

You’ll also see the biggest civilian building in the world: the Palace of Parliament (also known as People’s House), and you’ll have fun outdoor and indoor activities and fairs regardless of the season. Add the fact that Bucharest is the cheapest city in the world and you have even more reasons to visit.

Prahova Valley

Several gorgeous mountain towns can be found in the Prahova Valley. They are perfect for city breaks all year long and will offer splendid views, cable car rides, and special attractions. In Busteni, take the cable car and admire the “Babele” – “Old Ladies” – stone formations and the Sphynx. Go to Sinaia to see the wonderful monastery, stroll the streets, or see the city from the top (hiking or cable car). Predeal is another option – and you have several hiking options from here as well.


Another loved (and famous) part of Romania, Transylvania is one of the most beautiful areas of the country. It is usually associated with Dracula due to Bran Castle , the place Bram Stoker chose as the famous vampire residency. The castle has a rich history not related to vampires, and this real part blends perfectly with the supernatural one. In fact, Bran Castle is a not-to-miss attraction in Romania.

Maramures, famous for the fact that you can see the traditional Romanian way of life, for the wonderful houses with special, richly decorated wooden gates, for the Merry Cemetery in Sapanta, is another area that can be perfect for a trip in Romania. Famous cities in the area: Baia Mare and Sighetu Marmatiei.

Alba-Iulia is another great city break idea in Transylvania. Located on the Mures River, the city is a great mix of old and new. You can visit the old Alba Carolina Fortress (renovated a few years ago) where there is a tour that includes the change of the guard (during weekends at 11 am). You can also admire some lovely churches and see Union Hall, the place where the Union of Transylvania was signed with Romania in 1918.

Cluj-Napoca (usually referred to as Cluj), in the western part of Transylvania, is a very old Romanian city and an important economic and cultural center. On your city break in Cluj make sure you visit the Banffy Palace, the Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania, and take as many walks as possible to admire the beautiful churches, the Tailors’ Bastion and the park in the city.

Iasi (Photo source)


The most important city in the province of Moldavia, Iasi can be a great choice for a short trip to Romania. The splendid Palace of Culture will take your breath away, while the Copou Park and the Botanical Garden are perfect places to take long walks and relax. Numerous monuments and churches can be admired as well.

Constanta Casino (Photo source)


If you like the seaside, then Constanta might be the best choice for a weekend getaway in Romania. You can admire the Black Sea or relax on the beach, you can see the impressive building of the Constanta Casino, and the port. You can also check the numerous churches and even go on top of the mosque to get a beautiful view of the city.


Bucovina is another amazing part of Romania. You should come to the area for awesome food and take a tour of the Moldavian monasteries. Choose a season with local traditions (or choose the Orthodox Easter period) to experience authentic Romanian culture and customs. The most famous city in the area is Suceava.


Europe’s Capital of Culture in 2007, Sibiu will enchant you with its old town center, the city’s towers, squares, churches and the Bruckental Museum. Visit the ASTRA Open Air Museum – the second largest museum of its kind in the world.


If you like a smaller city and if you love the mountains, Brasov may be the perfect choice for you. You can admire the Black Church, take a walk on Rope Street and the numerous wonderful old houses in the city. You can take the cable car to the top of Tampa mountain and see a mesmerizing view of the city.

As you can see, there are plenty of options for city breaks in Romania. Whether you like the mountains or the sea, whether you fancy big cities or small towns, Romania has a plethora of places perfect for small trips.

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