Romantic Cities Across the World

Paris, Venice, Agra, Prague, and NYC

Traveling has a way of inspiring strong emotions, and quite a few of the world’s most popular urban centers evoke a profound sense of romance and adventure—making them perennial favorites for couples. Check out this selection of romantic cities from around the globe to get a sense for their enduring charm and endless supply of good feelings.

💘 Paris, France 💘

Paris by Moyann Brenn (CC)
Paris by: Moyann Brenn (CC)

Few cities in the world inspire romantic images as readily as the French capital of Paris. The City of Light brims with elegance and class, from winding, cobblestone alleys and riverside cafes to endless parks and the iconic Eiffel Tower. Explore the city’s 20 districts or arrondissements, and you’ll be treated to a huge range of cultural diversity, as well. Quaint Montmartre, Paris’ much-loved Bohemian quarter, makes a fantastic place to stay on a romantic getaway, and its hilltop location offers some breathtaking views out over the metropolis.

Customize this itinerary, made with the Paris trip planner, to enjoy a vacation in one of the world’s most renowned romantic locales:

💘 Venice, Italy 💘

Venice Grand Canal by: Pedro Szekely (CC)

It’s often said that the Italians are among the world’s most romantic nations, and it’s easy to see why when you visit the architectural gem of Venice. Tourists have been flocking to this island city for centuries, and the Grand Canal, charmingly dilapidated homes, and magnificent plazas can surely leave anyone speechless. Hordes of camera-wielding visitors aside, Venice offers plenty of quiet corners and more out-of-the-way spots to enjoy a traditional Italian meal, a fine glass of wine, or a canal-side gelato. The Doge’s Palace, Rialto Bridge, and St. Mark’s Square stand out immediately as must-sees, but you may find it just as inspiring to wander the winding alleys, arcades, and streets of this floating city.

Try using the Venice itinerary maker to chart your journey through the City of Romance, following this plan for guidance:

💘 Agra, India 💘

The Taj Mahal at Sunset by nedim chaabene (CC)
The Taj Mahal at Sunset by: nedim chaabene (CC)

Agra’s mystical appearance and worldwide reputation make it an alluring destination for a romantic trip. Part of India’s “Golden Triangle” of tourist gems (which includes New Delhi and Jaipur), Agra plays home to the legendary Taj Mahal, one of the most famed landmarks on the planet. The massive 17th-century structure, built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan as a tribute to his beloved wife, stands resplendent along the Yamuna River. Visit at dusk, with the hazy sun blazing behind the Taj, and contemplate this resplendent monument to love. Somewhat-chaotic Agra has tons of other sites to offer as well, including the impressive Fatepur Sikhri, Agra Fort, and a huge array of packed street markets.

💘 Prague, Czech Republic 💘

The Grand Old Town of Prague by mendhak (CC)
The Grand Old Town of Prague by: mendhak (CC)

Considered by many among the most gorgeous cities in all of Europe, Prague appears as something straight out of a fairy tale. Set on either side of the Vltava River, old town Prague boasts countless quiet lanes, stately homes, and riverside parks, some of which date back more than 1,000 years. Churches, cathedrals, and bell towers of differing architectural styles rise all around—Prague isn’t called the “City of a Hundred Spires” for no reason, and Prague Castle, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, and St. Nicholas Church are just a few stunning examples. Enjoy a wander through the historic center, and end your day with a fun night out filled with beer-drinking, another Czech specialty.

Use the Prague travel planner to create your own itinerary for the history-rich Czech capital. Or just follow this one:

💘 New York City, United States 💘

Empire State – New York City by Sam valadi (CC)
Empire State – New York City by: Sam valadi (CC)

The Big Apple has played romantic backdrop in many a famous film, and in reality New York City lives up to the reputation. A fusion of cultures, nationalities, and attitudes, New York is a quintessential metropolis, bursting with influences from around the globe. While the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty steal plenty of headlines as mega-attractions, Central Park serves as a perfect destination for a romantic str💘💘oll. The big-city lights make for exciting dining and nightlife options as well, from the traditional fare of Little Italy to the electric, almost psychedelic splendor of Times Square.

The New York City travel planner will help you ❤️ NYC. Create a similar itinerary to this one or come up with something entirely your own:

💞 Love Is in the Air 💞

Whether it’s the fairy-tale architecture, spectacular natural features, or charming atmospheres, some cities simply have a way of evoking a sense of romance and excitement. When exploring the world’s most romantic cities, use Inspirock’s free trip planner to see and do more along the way.

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