September’s Featured Attractions and Activities

September may be the beginning of fall, but there’s still no reason to fall out of love with travel.

To get you going, we’ve prepared top ten September attractions and activities, which range from romantic cruises to golf resorts.

The options below also include canopy and climbing excursions in South Africa and food tours in Italy. Be as daring or as relaxed as you wish on your vacation, and extend the summer by planning a trip right now.


Karosta Prison

Ever wondered what life behind bars would be like? At Karosta Prison, you’ll find out by taking a guided day tour.

Or, if you’re up to it, by spending the night in a damp cell from which there’s no escape.

This museum has received international fame for its quirky approach to educational tourism. It’s a trip back to the tsarist times, and a chance to discover what you’re really made of.

Ready to get booked?

Taste Florence

If you think Italy is all about great food, Taste Florence will prove your right.

This operator provides insider tips on what and where to eat in Florence. Plus, walking tours to some of the city’s top eateries.

At each stop, you’ll get to munch on mouthwatering breads paired perfectly with seasonal specialties and wines.

Top tip: wear pants with an elastic waistband and say goodbye to your diet for at least one day.

Ivanhoe Sea Safaris

Keep your eyes peeled and your camera ready at hand when traveling with Ivanhoe Sea Safaris.

This tour takes you to waters frequented by some of the world’s largest mammals. Expect to see southern right whales and humpbacks, plus dolphins, sharks, and seals.

In addition to whale watching, the company offers private charters for small groups and families interested in spending some quality time together.

Golden Gecko Climbing

Like to climb things but dislike being rained on? Then visit Golden Gecko Climbing, an indoor facility that’s great for a kid’s party or just a little fun with friends.

Kids can join climbing clubs, a good way to make friends and learn to climb in a small group.

Adults with sore sightseeing muscles can drop by the onsite bar, serving hot and cold drinks and tasty snacks.

Nadia Dajani Jewellery

At Nadia Dajani Jewellery, you’ll find out souvenirs and gifts don’t have to be cheap trinkets.

The shop sells contemporary jewelry handcrafted in silver, copper, and gemstones. Skilled artisans incorporate Arabic calligraphy with modern designs, choosing selected phrases to spread messages of peace and harmony.

The flagship Amman store should be your first stop. Look for limited edition and one-of-a-kind pieces with gemstones not readily available at other jewelers.

Happy Rental Bike

Happy cycling is what Happy Rental Bike delivers to visitors wishing to stay eco-friendly and active during their vacation.

Choose from a variety of bike brands, including standard, kids’, tandem, cargo, and trailer bikes in different sizes.

You get a lock and key with each rental, along with puncture-proof tires, lights, adjustable seats, helmets, and other accessories to keep the ride pleasant and safe.

Lisboa Story Centre

A multimedia trip through history, Lisboa Story Centre takes your from the Roman era to the modern times.

Engaging exhibits and audio guide offer insight into many major historical events. Portugal’s discoveries in the New World and Lisbon’s development through the 20th century are just some of the highlights.

The interactive journey takes about 60 minutes, which makes it ideal for families with kids. Start with the 1st floor’s scale model of the city, especially appealing to children.


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