Feb 2016
Visiting Europe During the Migrant Crisis
Here's What You Need to Know

Let’s begin by making an important point perfectly clear: as long as you travel smartly, taking a trip to Europe during the migrant crisis does not have to be any more dangerous or difficult than during normal times. Yes, some European countries have introduced new border and transportation controls as they continue to deal with the massive influx of refugees. These changes have caused some travel restrictions between countries on the so-called Balkan Route, which ostensibly consists of Greece, Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, and Croatia. Several other countries have also introduced changes in policy and enforcement, but with such a large number of people moving through Europe, it’s difficult to predict new disruptions and delays across the continent.


Sep 2015
Traveling to Europe During the Refugee Crisis?
Here's How to Follow the Situation

Syrian Refugees in Vienna by: Josh Zakary (CC)
Syrian Refugees in Vienna by: Josh Zakary (CC)

European countries have recently introduced new border and transportation controls as they grapple with the massive number of refugee arrivals. As a result, a few travel routes between and within countries have become restricted. However, due to constant changes in policy and enforcement, current disruptions and delays in one locale may be resolved by next week, while new disruptions and delays may occur elsewhere.

At the time of writing, travel restrictions were in place in a limited number of European destinations. If you’re planning a trip to Europe over the next few months, there are a few recent policy changes to be aware of and a couple of resources to turn to for the latest information on travel disruptions and delays.


Jul 2015
Recommendations for a Beach Vacation in Europe
Coastal Regions with More Than Just Sand, Sun, and Water

As one of the world’s top vacation destinations, Europe boasts thousands of attractions and activities sure to please the most discerning of travelers. Plan a trip to Europe that includes one or all five of the following coastal regions to discover some of the continent’s top beaches, museums, shops, clubs, and religious sites.