Apr 2016
Iceland Itinerary Ideas

Take it from experience, outer space doesn’t seem so far away when you step onto the alien landscapes of Iceland. Situated at the junction of the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, Iceland still feels like an untouched haven of natural paradise, even with the recent increase in foreign visitors. Depending on the timing of your Iceland itinerary, you might experience the wonder of days without sunlight or nights as bright as days—otherwise known as the midnight sun.

Whether you only have the option of a few days to explore Iceland or a couple weeks, Inspirock’s free Iceland travel planner will help you maximize your time seeing all that this spectacular nation has to offer. From geothermal pools, waterfalls, and geysers to the breathtaking Northern Lights, you’re spoiled for choice. Let the sample itineraries below guide you on an Icelandic adventure that will be like no other.


Oct 2015
The Best Winter Destinations in Europe
5 Places to Go for an Enchanting Off-Season Holiday

Winter offers a fantastic chance to pack your bags and make for some of the Old World’s most appealing locales at a time when prices are lower, crowds thinner, and the scenery just as stunning. If you plan to make your way to the continent during the colder months, check out the following list of the best winter destinations in Europe.