The Gold of Walbrzych

If you thought your childhood dream of hunting for hidden treasures Indiana Jones-style could never fit into a satisfying holiday in Europe, think about hunting for gold in Walbrzych, a major mining and industrial center in Lower Silesia. According to The Guardian, two treasure hunters now claim they’ve managed to locate a long-lost Nazi train filled with gold, gems, and weapons. As Soviet forces entered this part of Poland in 1945, the “ghost train” allegedly went missing in a tunnel cutting through a heavily wooded area between Walbrzych and Wroclaw. The two explorers recently filed a “finder’s claim” with the local authorities, demanding 10 percent of more than 300 tons (600,000 pounds) of gold supposedly carried by the 150 m (500 ft) train.

Metal detectors in hand, fortune hunters have now descended on the scenic town in southwestern Poland, hoping to uncover buried treasure. Even if you don’t believe the outrageous claim, consider adding Walbrzych to your Poland itinerary to discover a lush natural area soaked in rich history and culture.