May 2015
Beach Bumming on Majorca: Top 5 Places to Dig Your Toes into the Sand

Majorca boasts more than 550 km (340 mi) of shoreline, a huge draw for nearly 8 million annual visitors flocking here from around the world. Create your ideal Majorca vacation by exploring the island’s golden beaches, which offer huge swaths of soft golden sand backed by palm trees or dramatic cliffs. Add these sights to your Majorca itinerary.

1. Es Trenc

Es Trenc by: Cayetano (CC)

If your Majorca holiday dreams are made of white sand beaches gently lapped by turquoise water, you’ll want to add Es Trenc to your Majorca trip planner. Sandwiched between a protected wilderness area and the ocean, this beach attracts pleasure seekers eager to discover the untouched natural beauty of the island. Located in the southern section of Majorca just a short drive from the village of Campos, Es Trenc’s white dunes sweep across 2 km (1 mi), unhindered by commercial developments found elsewhere on the island. There’s little natural shade here, but you can rent umbrellas and lounge chairs at any of the nearby bars.

2. Playa de Muro Beach

Playa de Muro Beach by: Sandra (CC)

Located on the northern coastline less than an hour’s drive from Majorca’s international airport, Playa de Muro Beach serves as one of the island’s family-friendly spots, known for its shallow water and pristine sand. You can wade out quite far into the clear sea before getting out of your depth, ┬ámaking this a prime option for small kids and inexperienced swimmers. Perfect your windsurfing skills here or rent a jet ski for a daylong tour of the island’s coastline. Bordered by protected wetlands, the beach also provides easy access to shady areas tailor-made for long nature walks. End your day at one of the beach cafes, where you can enjoy a cold drink or a light meal at sunset.

3. Cala de San Vicente

Cala Barques by: Andrew Gustar (CC)

The former fishing village of Cala de San Vicente sits near the island’s northwestern tip and offers three scenic beaches built into the rocky coastline. Cala Molins, the largest of the three, remains a hotspot for vacationers seeking little more than a tranquil location ideal for basking on the warm sand. The smallest, Cala Clara, offers outstanding conditions for snorkeling and searching for crabs hiding in the rocks. If you’re looking for more challenging things to do in Majorca, head to Cala Barques, where you can rent a paddle boat and embark on an adventure along the rugged coastline.

4. Sa Calobra

The Coast at Sa Calobra by: Kai Schreiber (CC)

Sa Calobra offers two relatively small beaches nestled between two huge cliffs. Reaching this slice of Majorcan heaven requires a drive down a steep road with hairpin bends, but if you prefer to get there in a more stress-free manner, you can also approach it from the sea. Once there, you can spend the entire day swimming, snorkeling, or relaxing on the white sand. More adventurous visitors can try hiking up the surrounding hillsides, providing many quiet hideaways made for romantic picnics. You’ll find very few facilities in this remote location, so bring your own towels, food, and plenty of drinking water.

5. Platja de Palma

Platja de Palma by: Cristian Bortes (CC)

Platja de Palma by: Cristian Bortes (CC)
Made up of several beaches, Platja de Palma offers approximately 6 km (3.7 mi) of soft golden sand. Served by a long pedestrian-friendly promenade lined by bars, cafes, and restaurants, the beach draws active vacationers interested in jet skiing, waterskiing, and paragliding. The wide stretch of sand offers plenty of space for playing beach sports like volleyball or soccer, making this a popular spot for mingling with the locals and making friends with other tourists. Artificial breakwaters built to create small bays along the coastline ensure calm water, an added bonus for families with small kids.

Europe’s Beach Paradise

Majorca has dozens of beaches and bays dotted along its coastline, each with its own personality and picturesque location. With so much to choose from, it can’t be hard to find a beach getaway to suit every traveler’s taste and interests. Explore the island’s diverse coastline, and find your very own slice of paradise.