April during my college year in Prague was unseasonably warm, giving me an early chance to start working on my tan in the city’s parks. Throughout the spring and summer, I could be found splayed out on some stretch of grass while tourists trampled cobblestoned Old Town (and my schoolmates dutifully sat in their classrooms out in the godforsaken industrial district of Hloubetin).

However, Prague’s parks offer more than just an escape from the crowds; they can also deliver front-row seating to watch the Vltava River flow by, vistas of the city’s famed spires, or a leafy setting to quaff fresh golden Czech pilsners. And here’s the real clincher: they’re filled with locals rather than visitors. So, if you want to authentically experience the city and catch a respite from the tourist crush, consider adding the following green spots to the Prague itinerary you plan on Inspirock.