Trending Destinations September 2019

Even if you’re just back from August vacation, it isn’t too soon to start thinking about your next trip.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve had a surge in the number of plans created for destinations listed below. These places appeal to all types of travelers. From history buffs and architecture lovers, to outdoorsy adventurers and families with kids.

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Ooty, India

Trips to Ooty reveal a place of lakes, gardens, waterfalls, and temples.

Don’t miss Murugan Temple, offering great views of the city and plenty of fresh air.

Also ideal for those looking for views, Emerald Lake remains a renowned picnic spot. Around it, you can also explore tea plantations and take bird-watching tours.

Whatever you do in town, make sure you leave time to get out into the hills and the surrounding biosphere reserve.

Grand Baie, Mauritius

Most people holiday in Grand Baie to enjoy beaches and relaxed coastal atmosphere.

Swimming and snorkeling remain popular, but there are other things to do there as well.

Go to SSR Botanic Garden to explore Southern Hemisphere’s unique plant life. You can also visit Black River Gorges National Park to see the nation’s last rainforest.

Water lovers may opt for windsurfing, sailing, or deep-sea fishing.

Norwich, United Kingdom

People visit Norwich to explore nearly a thousand years of history. The city’s medieval churches and leafy parks hiding secrets from the past remain its top attractions.

You can also go there to enjoy modern shopping centers or fun museums. Options include RAF Air Defence Radar Museum and Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery.

Around the quirky districts, look for impressive galleries and pretty gardens. To get the most out of the place, explore on foot or by bicycle.

Malaga, Spain

When you tour Malaga, you’ll discover a city that’s both historic and modern. It’s also known as the birthplace of Pablo Picasso.

Most visit to explore a range of shops, tapas bars, restaurants, art galleries, and restaurants. Others choose food tours and wine-tasting experiences beyond city limits.

To learn about the city’s culture and history, go to Museo de Malaga. You can also stretch your legs outdoors at Montes de Malaga Natural Park or Playa de La Malagueta.


Visit Malaysia to discover a blend of the modern world and developing nation.

Top attractions include busy cities filled with colonial-era architecture. Also popular, the nation features many thriving tea plantations, as well as scattered islands.

Head to Bako National Park or Redang Island to see Malaysia’s nature at its best.

To experience its culture and urban life, explore Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum or Petronas Twin Towers.


Most visitors tour Turkey to learn about its historical heritage and enjoy its natural beauty.

The country is a blend of architectural delights and historic sites, as well as pretty beaches and picturesque rural regions.

Don’t miss Dolmabahce Palace and stunning Hagia Sophia. Also worthwhile are Hierapolis and Ancient City of Ephesus.

To partake in some fun activities, head to Goreme National Park or explore Pamukkale Thermal Pools.

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