Turkey Itinerary Ideas

A vacation in Turkey combines the ease of a well-developed tourist infrastructure with a chance to discover the rich cultures of the Middle East. Create your perfect experience using Inspirock’s free Turkey trip planner and prepare to be stunned by the beauty of Turkish architecture and natural landscapes.

 The Heart of Turkey Itinerary

Cappadocia by: an-dree-uh tan (CC)
Cappadocia by: an-dree-uh tan (CC)

This 2-week Turkey itinerary takes you into the heart of Anatolia and includes major destinations like Cappadocia, where hot air balloons float over a landscape of gorgeous rock formations. This area has been home to different civilizations and religions over the last 2 millennia, and many of the impressive ruins left behind are inscribed on the World Heritage List. But this itinerary has more than just historical appeal: it also includes Bodrum, the so-called “St. Tropez of Turkey.” Once known for its Greek mausoleum considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Bodrum now caters to a lively jet set looking to soak up the sun and explore a lively nightlife scene.

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The Turquoise Coast Turkey Itinerary

Bay at Antalya, Turkey by: Alex Kulikov (CC)
Bay at Antalya, Turkey by: Alex Kulikov (CC)

Many tourists visit Turkey for a chance to explore the country’s Mediterranean Coast, affectionately called the Turquoise Coast because of its sparkling blue waters. This coastline is ideal for classic sun-and-sand vacations, with one major perk: you’re just a stone’s throw away from ancient ruins of long-gone civilizations. There’s no better way to combine history and fun than by visiting Antalya, offering a blend of sandy beaches and a historical city center packed with Ottoman mosques and Roman ruins.

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The Queen of Cities Turkey Itinerary

Hagia Sophia by: Dennis Jarvis (CC)
Hagia Sophia by: Dennis Jarvis (CC)

Don’t have the time or the money for one of the above itineraries? Then how about this: take five days and visit only Istanbul, and you’ll see why they call it the “Queen of Cities.” As the physical and cultural bridge between two continents, this ancient city boasts stunning landmarks like Hagia Sophia and Dolmabahce Palace. It’s also the best way to get the gist of Turkey in just a few days.

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The “Wild East” Turkey Itinerary

Gaziantep by: Minamie's Photo (CC)
Gaziantep by: Minamie’s Photo (CC)

Here’s the catch to creating a well-rounded “Wild East” Turkey itinerary: you’ll need about three weeks to see it all. Turkey is a large country, and nowhere is its sprawling landscape more impressive than in the east. Begin your tour in Gaziantep, once a major hub on the famous Silk Road and now a popular foodie destination (the city’s bakeries produce some of the best baklava in the world). You can wrap up your eastern adventure in Trabzon, a Black Sea port and the gateway for exploring the region’s frescoed Byzantine churches and cliff-hanging monasteries.

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Discovering Türkiye

A sprawling land of modern cities, ancient ruins, and busy vacation resorts, Turkey is the kind of place that promises a different experience on every trip. Go there once, and you’re sure to keep coming back year after year. To make the planning part of your vacation easy, use Inspirock’s free Turkey trip planner, and let your imagination soar.

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